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As I complete tasks, will badges/points be automatically added to my dashboard?

In most cases, the badges will be automatically awarded when the task is completed.  However, there are several badges that will be recorded at the end of each recording period (Food badge, recording badge, weight badge and team badges).

How many points are each badge worth?

Activity Badge (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 hrs) – The points are awarded based on the activity badge awarded.  If you receive the 5 hour Activity Badge you will be awarded 5 pt.

Captain Badge – 5 points

Download Recipe Badge – 1 point

Electronic Reading Badge – 1 point

Login Badge – 5 points

Recording Badge – 5 points

Star Badge – 5 points

Video Badge – 1 point

Weight Badge – 5 points

What Live Healthy badges are available during my challenge and how can I earn badges?

Activity Badge (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 hrs) – Awarded when a participant reaches the corresponding number of activity hours.  A participant earns the 5 hour badge when they record 5 hours of activity, 10 hour badge for 10 hours of activity, etc.  A participant earns each hour badge one time. 

Captain Badge – Awarded for being the Captain of a team.

Download Recipe Badge – Awarded after participant views a recipe.

Electronic Reading Badge – Awarded after participant views an article.

Login Badge – Awarded after participant logs in for the first time.

Recording Badge – Awarded after completing weekly recording. The participant has recorded information at least ONCE during the recording period.

Star Badge – Awarded after any personal goals are entered and completed.

Video Badge – Awarded after participant views a video.

Weight Badge (5, 10, 15 and 20 pounds) – Awarded when a participant reaches the corresponding number of pounds lost.  A participant earns a Lose 5 Pounds badge when they lose 5 pounds (from their starting weight to their current weight.)

Group Activity Badge – Awarded to the participant that had the most activity on their team for the recording week.

Group Weight Lost Badge – Awarded to the participant that lost the most weight on the team for the recording week. 

Team Recording Badge – Awarded to a team when every person on the team has recorded at least once during the recording period.

As team captain, how do I register another team?

A team captain can be a member of only ONE team but may be the captain for multiple teams. To sign up another team, you must login to your dashboard. In the top right corner, there is a 'Create a New Team' button. By clicking this button, you will be directed to the registration page to captain another team. This will allow one captain to be the captain of multiple teams under the same username and password.

Can I change which division(s) I want to participate in?

The team is allowed to change the division that you participate in any time until the end of the challenge.  To do this you must contact LHA by callling 888.282.0822. 

Do I have to enter the weight loss category?

No, your team can choose to do the Minutes of Activity Division only.  However, every participant must enter their starting weight and ending weight during the program even if your team is only in the Minutes of Activity Division. 

How do I sign up my company or organization to use a Live Healthy Wellness Program?

If you are a wellness, human resources, or benefits coordinator for your company or organization, Live Healthy may be a useful wellness tool for your employees or members. Please click here to fill out a short form to tell us about your company or organization. A Live Healthy representative will contact you within 48 hours to help you initiate the program.

How do I start my own team?

Visit the homepage, and click the Join Today Button.  Enter your Group ID for your company/organization's challenge or choose your state to sign up a team of friends and family.

Each team will have a designated captain who will have regular access to a computer and the internet. To create a team, this person will need the names of all team members and e-mail addresses if available. Each team can have 2-10 team members. Upon completion of the registration form you will be prompted for payment for your entire team using a major credit card on a secure site.

How do I sync my Device/App with my Live Healthy dashboard?

Click on the myDevices/Apps tab and find your wearable device or app from the list provided.  Click on the “Add Device” button next to the device/app.  Follow the instructions on the following page to connect the device to your challenge myTracker.

Fitbit users- If you log into your device or app via Facebook, you will need to add a password to your account in order to properly sync with the Live Healthy website.  To do so, log in to your Fitbit account via the Fitbit website and nominate a password under your Settings.  After creating a password, you will be able to properly sync your Fitbit account with the Live Healthy website.

The above information also applies to any device or app that you sign in to via Facebook.  If the sync proccess allows you to sign in via Facebook, you will not need to create a password.  If it does not, you will need to create a password for the account as outlined in the paragraph above.

Please note:  You will need to log into your dashboard in order for the device data to connect to the myTracker page.  Please allow 24 – 48 hrs after you first sync your device for the data to load into the system.


How many badges/points can I earn during the challenge?

There is no limit to the amount of badges you can earn!

How often does my device information sync?

Information from your device/app will sync each time you log into your dashboard. It is important to note, that you MUST log into your Live Healthy dashboard in order for the device information to be added to your challenge.  Please remember that the Live Healthy website is not pulling data directly from your device, but from the device website.  We suggest syncing your device with the device website often.

If you are unable to log into your dashboard everyday, please note that the maximum number of days in the past we can get device/app data for is 14 days prior.  If a person only logs into their dashboard once per month, he or she may not get credit for all of their device data if it is older than 14 days.

What Are Badge Points?

Each badge is associated with a number of points.  When awarded a badge, you will also receive badge points that display on your dashboard.

What counts for Minutes of Activity and how do I record minutes of activity or weight loss?

Physical activity that is above and beyond your typical work duties can be counted.  For example, walking from your desk to the elevator does not count but intentionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator or taking a 10-minute (or longer) walk during your break, does.  Walking, dancing, raking leaves, swimming and other activities can be logged.  The idea is to track how much daily time you spend being physically active and then try to increase it.

You can track your daily activity or weight when you login to your participant panel online.

What Devices and Apps can I sync with my Live Healthy dashboard?

The following devices and apps are currently available to sync:



Jawbone UP

Moves App

Omron Fitness


Garmin Fit

Map My Fitness

Map My Run

Map My Walk

Map My Ride

Map My Hike







A participant may only sync one device/app to their Live Healthy account at a time.

What if a team member does not have computer or internet access?

This person can still participate on a Live Healthy team. The team captain will report this person's weight and/or minutes of activity online. It will also be the responsibility of the captain to pass the weekly tips and health information on to this participant. However, when a team member accesses his or her personal participant panel online with his or her username and password, the team captain will not be able to enter data for this person if they discontinue to use their web access. A captain will only be able to enter a team member's data if the team member DOES NOT login with their username and password. This is to protect the privacy of individual team members.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to the homepage and click on the big orange Login button.  Then click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link.  Enter your email address and submit and your password will be resent to you.

What if some members of my team want to lose weight but others want to just exercise more?

Participants are registered as a team, which means that the entire team must agree to register in the Weight Loss Division, Minutes of Activity Division, or both.

What information will sync from my Device/App to the Live Healthy website?

The Live Healthy website will pull steps and activity minutes only from a device or app.  Calories burned and other information will not be transferred to the Live Healthy website or reccorded on the myTracker page.

If you edit your device information via the device website, those updates or changes will only be accounted for on the Live Healthy website depending on the timing of the update and how often the participant logs in to their Live Healthy dashboard.  If a participant logs in to their Live Healthy dashboard everyday, the updates that are made for data from the current day and one day prior will be accounted for.  If a person who logs in everyday updats their data from 3 days prior, Live Healthy will not receive that update. If a person updated their device data from 3 days ago and has not logged into their Live Healthy dashboard for a week, Live Healthy  will receive the updated data.

What is in it for me if I join the challenge?

Along with the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, meeting personal goals, and the competitive fun between friends, family, and co-workers--you will receive a training t-shirt, unlimited access to the resource center, weekly newsletters via email that include activity, nutrition, and recipe tips, and also a personalized online dashboard to track progress!

What is the role of the team captain?

At a minimum, team captains are responsible for registering their team, entering weekly data for team members without computer or internet access, and sharing Weekly Live Healthy e-mails with members of his/her team. More importantly, team captains play a key role in keeping the team members motivated and involved throughout the Challenge.

Will other people be able to see my weight online?

No, your individual weight will never be available to anyone but you.  This is kept completely confidential.


Login to access your dashboard.